7 Ways Most Leaders Lead To Irrelevance and Why Workers Ignore Them

How Most Organizations Really Innovate

We’ve all seen this before. Leaders and managers who perfunctorily lead.  Leadership has become a rather ubiquitous word along with innovation when the simplest will do.

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There are to be honest several reasons why leaders and managers quite honestly close their eyes and wish. Which ultimately transfer to mediocre performances from to front-line workers who provide the real work of customer engagement. Here are 8 off he top of my head:

  1. They lead from crisis to crisis. Every task is urgent more than important. 
  2. There’s listening and there’s engaged listening. They never listen to the front-line workers whose ideas save money and exceed customer expectations.
  3. Frontline workers don’t trust them. They isolate themselves comfortably cloaked in titles until profits erode beyond the point of no return.
  4. They maintain a passionate fascination with the status quo
  5. They’re pompous and arrogant.
  6. They haven’t a clue what interest the front-line people. Their ideas to move the delivery trucks faster.
  7. Their strategies are laced with more rhetoric than execution.
  8. They sustain protective silos and gate keepers sanctimoniously comfortable with the ways things have always been.
  9. They treat employees as peons rather than partners who energize customers

Jim Woods helps companies think different about leadership and execution. He expects excellence pushing the envelope to turn things around. Jim is unique. He teaches how to improve performance, productivity, and bottom-line results. He has enabled leaders for more than 25 years turn their organizations around with his cutting edge approaches.  To hire Jim visit his website here.

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Jim Woods is president of The Jim Woods Group. A management consulting firm. Go here to see his work www.jimwoodsgroup.com. He advises and speaks to organizations large and small on how to increase top line growth in times of uncertainty and complexity. Some of his speaking and consulting clients include: U.S. Army, MITRE Corporation, Pitney Bowes, Whirlpool, and 3M. See more at his website www.jimwoodsgroup.com.

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2 comments on “7 Ways Most Leaders Lead To Irrelevance and Why Workers Ignore Them
  1. Stuart says:

    is that 7, 8 or 9 reasons?


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