Why Leaders Wrongly Avoid Changing Culture


Peter Drucker reportedly said, “culture eats strategy over breakfast.”  There is no discounting this truism. Jack Welch noted the purchase of Kidder Peabody failed due to his thinking about the numbers instead of the culture.

Where vision creates intent. Culture certainly determines action. In most organizations the two are imbalanced.   When they are, culture can actually undermine vision and prevent a company from achieving essential business goals i.e. Jack Welch Kidder Peabody.

Faced with such a disconnect, many leaders are tempted to throw up their hands. They see culture as so amorphous, so difficult to influence, such a potential drain on managerial energy and attention that they avoid tackling it altogether.

They’re wrong. 

In fact, levers for effecting cultural change are close at hand in a company’s management processes. Planning, budgeting, target setting, performance measurement, and other processes are the pragmatic equivalent of culture. They establish priorities, signal values, and determine acceptable behavior. They serve as a lens for diagnosing misalignment between vision and culture. They are also the means of intervening to correct it.


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