Competing on Value-Based Outcomes In Healthcare


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More and more health care organizations are starting to focus on providing superior health outcomes as a way to distinguish themselves in the fast-changing health-care marketplace. The new competitive model is emerging in bits and pieces in many different health systems around the world.

“In the global struggle to manage the cost of health care, practitioners and policymakers are increasingly focusing on value—delivering the best possible health outcomes at a given level of cost. The shift is happening in different ways and at different rates in different markets. But it has progressed to the point where the global trend is clear, and more and more players are starting to focus on providing superior health outcomes as a way to distinguish themselves in the fast-changing health-care marketplace. We call this approach competing on outcomes.

Competing on outcomes has the potential to improve the value delivered by the entire health system. Considerable competition exists in the health care industry today, but too often it is focused on the wrong things: maximizing the number of specific procedures, whether they are medically necessary or not; amassing enough market power to dominate pricing in a given regional market; or offering the lowest cost—with no consideration of the impact on the quality of care.

The advantage of competing on outcomes is that it focuses competition on what really matters to patients and what ought to be the raison-d’être of any health system: delivering cost-efficient, quality care. Transparency of patient results aligns incentives so that payers, providers, suppliers, and patients all work toward the same goal, making it possible for the market to effectively manage the tradeoffs between cost and quality. […]”

Read full article bcg.perspectives – Competing on Outcomes.

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