3 Ways To Lead Your Business With Trust and Values

Building high levels of trust in an organization begins with leadership. Trust requires less management and actually innovates customer service and products.

Creating your company’s culture is one of the most important roles you have as a leader, and the key ingredient is the values you set for your company. Values help define the kind of organization you want and they help your team understand and internalize how that definition translates into action. From acceptable behavior in the office and with customers to expected work ethic, values are critical to helping companies operate according to the culture you have created.

Developing your company’s values depends on the stage and/or size of your company. For a small company (i.e., less than 10 people) or a new company (i.e., under two years old), your approach will be very different than for a more tenured company with more employees.

Whether or not you are a founder, as a CEO, you will likely establish the values for a small or new company.

Questions to help identify your values include:

What’s important to you?

What kind of company do you want to run?

What message do you want to send to employees, customers and partners?

These are critical questions because the answers create the foundation upon which your employees and company will operate. For most of your employees, these values can serve as a gift—a roadmap that empowers them to make good decisions and to do their jobs according to a certain set of principles. For others who fail to embrace them, it signals that they live by a different set of values and, therefore, should no longer be part of your organization.

Adapted from https://www.openforum.com 


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