Brian Tracy: How to Hire the Right People

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Hiring the right people is always subservient to the right leadership. What I mean is this. You can hire the best people, however their talents can become anemic at best by leaders lacking in self efficacy. A self efficacious leader is not overpowering and one who instinctively walks the talk. Below are a few examples on employee hiring by Brian Tracy.  Also, bear in mind that despite what Peter Drucker said that past performance is a predictor of future performance people can change. Otherwise, why should anyone make the effort to change.

With the Law of Three, you can increase your ability to make good hires. In fact, your success rate can be as high as 90%, based on my experience with thousands of executives and business owners. Here is how it works, in six steps:

1. Interview at least three candidates for a job. This practice forces you to slow down and compare and contrast the qualities and characteristics of different people.

2. Interview the candidate that you like three different times. Remember, a job candidate will look the very best on the first interview. After that, there is a gradual deterioration as the screens fall away and the true person is revealed.

3. Interview the person you like in three different places. For some reason, many people have what I call a “chameleon complex.” They appear a certain way in your office in the first interview and then seem to act and react differently when you move them into different environments.

—Could you tell me some of the strengths or weaknesses that this candidate would have in performing a job like this?

—Is there anything you could tell me that would help me to make a better hiring decision?

—Would you hire this person back again if he applied to you for a job?

If the reference is reluctant to comment on the candidate or won’t answer the first two questions, always ask the third question, which is the key question. If the answer is not an unequivocal “yes,” you should be very cautious about hiring the candidate in the first place. […]

Read full article Brian Tracy on How to Hire the Right People.

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