How To Drive Decisions by Listening

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Getting to buy-in on your decisions isn’t the same as motivating or shall we say compelling your employees to execute. One of the ways to do this is to help them see it is in their best interest to do so. This can take two forms: fear and pleasure. Both are persuasive. But, I’m going to encourage you to exert leadership by emphasizing “pleasure.” There is a plethora of evidence to support the advantages of reward based leadership. Now, while this article is on decision making remember people are human beings, I know that should be obvious, however, recognize they have fears which restrain them from executing on decisions they have agreed upon. They may not like you, their employees, afraid of losing control, losing their job etc.

Here’s a more effective way to make decisions and get people to support their implementation: Be quiet.

Know Your Destination

Heading into your meeting, be clear about the desired outcome. Are you there to secure overarching support for your recommendation? Or are you simply looking to sell a few key stakeholders? Are you seeking approval for a pilot? A full roll-out? By being explicit about the meeting’s objectives, you’ll increase the likelihood of achieving them.

Kick off the meeting by clearing stating the objective in an affirmative way: “We’re here to approve the full roll out of the new compensation plan.” In other words, point everyone in the right direction — forward.

Know When to Ride…

Set the destination, provide a not-too-granular overview, and then say this: “Based on the background I’ve just provided, I’d like to hear perspectives from the group on the subject of moving forward with rolling out the idea.” At that point, shut up; let the conversation happen and watch where it goes.

As people discuss the idea, they’ll offer pros and cons. They’ll add new ideas and information to the conversation. They’ll influence one another without you saying a word. While the discussion might not proceed at a brisk pace, letting participants debate without pressure lets them to work through their objections naturally. […]

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