How High Trust Motivates Employees To Innovate

If you want to achieve competitive advantage which means making happy with a lot of customers that means satiating your employees. No really. Make them rock stars and they will belly up to your door with ideas that will wow you. Some of the ideas will seem silly. But …. wait … what may seem silly could be your unenlightened mind to what is possible. Once you build high levels of trust you’ll find costs saving revenue generating ideas coming everywhere. An additional benefit? You’ll find attrition reduced, top talent lining your  walk way, and troubled employees becoming superstars. Jim

Any employee can pick up the box and get to work without having to ask permission from upper management or marketing and branding. The program involves six steps, and at the end, an employee has actual user data — rather than just a hypothesis — to present to executives. Last year, Randall said Adobe ran 900 employees through the program.

Granted, as a startup, it’s hard to relate to a company that has $900,000+ to burn on innovation projects. However, there are some lessons to be learned from the Adobe approach.

Trust. First, if you want your employees to feel comfortable innovating, you need to trust them. Randall knows there’s a risk that employees could take their successful KickStart idea and run to spinoff their own startup. But he trusts them not to, he said. He also knows that employees could carelessly spend the $1,000. Yet he doesn’t require them to turn in receipts.

“They could go blow it on booze and blackjack,” Randall said. “What we’ve actually found is they actually use that money and are even more careful with it than with expense accounts. Some of them put their own money on top of it to continue their project.” […]

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