Forget Being The Smartest One In The Room. Learn These #Leadership Traits.


With the onslaught of middle managers on the chopping block as companies remove redundancies the best that can be said for those in the cross hairs is to separate yourself from the pack by adding value. Today, not only are results the key, but getting things done effectively through people is critical. According to BBC Capital here are leadership traits you should develop as a a manager:

Abandon that tired business school mantra about always seeming to be the smartest one in the room.

Trusting Workplaces Breed Creativity

The best leaders find a way to encourage creativity in their teams. Pulling that off begins by dispelling the myth that some people just aren’t creative.

 Trust Your Intuition — Sometimes

Within a generation, the concept of instinctive intuition has gone from quack science to a proven strategy for success in business.

Maybe one of the most famously intuitive leaders, Steve Jobs, often spoke of following his heart. This helped Jobs green light two projects that seemed too risky back in 2001: iTunes and the iPod. It is more than just a gut feeling, however. The lesson from Apple, Pigliucci said, is to follow-up snap decisions with meticulous attention to detail.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition,” Jobs told the graduating class of Stanford University in 2005. “They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

When to be Funny

Knowing when to use a joke can help disarm uncomfortable situations and help bosses build real relationships with their employees.

Trust in Delegation

It takes faith for managers to delegate important tasks, and it’s something few successfully pull off.

The reason is simple: They often think they’re better equipped to do the work than their more junior employees.

“Conflict is like the fire in the firebox of an old steam engine,” Lind said. “You don’t want the fire to get so hot that it gets out of the firebox, but you don’t want it to go out, either.” […]

Read the rest BBC – Capital 

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