Leaders Lie When They Say They Want Feedback


Why do leaders and managers lie about feedback? Fear. Honest feedback is the result of successful employee engagement. More importantly, a matter of self efficacy.


When you think of feedback ask yourself, “Can we bring people into an experience where they feel safe in speaking up?” Hopefully you hired people who had this attribute. Paradoxically, while you are using an antiquated leadership style that torments people rather than lifting them up apply your heart to theirs.

This takes your feelings of authority and one upmanship to a Bottom up leadership style of “people first.” I mean really.

Your employees have the answers. Get more employee engagement ideas from Jim here. 

Employees know their leaders and managers are lying when they say they want honest feedback. The staus quo the comfort is promulgated in organizations large and small by sequestering trouble makers who actually speak up as though they don’t give a flying flip.

What people are saying

Perhaps you’ve been in a meeting in which a leader asks for feedbackor concerns, and everyone smiles and nods. That’s a warning sign that true diversity of opinion isn’t welcome.

To combat this ask each person in a meeting to offer a position on a given issue. Then go around the table and “force” people who haven’t expressed a view yet to jump in the pool.

You can adapt your leadership to the situation and person so as not to intimidate.

 We have been small business experts for more than 25 years. I lived in my car years ago going on to complete college and fulfill my dreams. I understand what having a vision means. 

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Jim Woods is president of The Jim Woods Group. A management consulting firm. Go here to see his work www.jimwoodsgroup.com. He advises and speaks to organizations large and small on how to increase top line growth in times of uncertainty and complexity. Some of his speaking and consulting clients include: U.S. Army, MITRE Corporation, Pitney Bowes, Whirlpool, and 3M. See more at his website www.jimwoodsgroup.com.

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