Your Business Can Learn A lot from a Veteran: Why Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs

be different, how to manage a team

Driving change forward with an impetus for accomplishment far more than rhetoric is ingrained in veterans. They are trained to be dynamically goal oriented.

They adapt with a singular culture to never be satisfied. Below is an excerpt from article from Forbes on why veterans make successful entrepreneurs. My comments are in red.

Veterans operate with a purpose-driven mission. (very important in today’s hypercompetitive environment) 

The military comprises a diverse group of people who come together for one business, which is also how private industries motivate and inspire their people. (Working with people, vendors, employees, different management and leadership styles not to mention races, gender etc is critical)

As Dawn puts it, “At Halfaker, our mission is Continuing to Serve. That resonates with a lot of employees, especially the veterans,” she says.

Further, veterans are programmed to think one step ahead. (One has to admit where most organizations are bogged down in planning over substantive execution this matters) “A plan is something that you put in place to adjust — it sets intent,” says Lani Hay, a former naval intelligence officer who is now CEO of her own defense contracting company, LMT. “The ability to quickly and decisively react to market forces, whether they’re on the battlefield or in the boardroom, is what determines victory or defeat,” Lani saRys. (Read that sentence again.  “ability to quickly and decisively react to market forces.” Very few business know how to find opportunity in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. They find themselves creating polices waiting for the “normal” to reappear. Veterans are trained to know that an advantage is always in flux. Meaning a sustainable competitive advantage is a misnomer. One has to always think ahead rather than constructing defensive castles and moats.” )

via From Battle Plan To Business Plan: Why Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs.

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