The Real Costs of Not Drenching Leadership In Humility

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The fullness of our possibilities depend on our developing humility. We are dependent upon so many others.

In great organizations trust is the strategy most implemented. It’s hinges are quite pedestrian: Humility. While there are many variations of effective leadership those who endure are the ones who make people better while achieving results.

In the ecology of leadership attributes humility is the virtue which is most acceptable long after ones office is vacated. Humility requires one to adopt lifestyles as a leader that exceeds fashion. Its development is a remarkable achievement in any age. But especially in this age.

Why should we focus on humility as an employee and employee? Is it important merely because it is good to be nice? Leadership is a principled behavior expected of us all. Not the temporary gluttony of acquiring one more thing which will decay long before principles which are the premier essentials of our recovery when we have misused our talents.

Leaders are shepherds not sheepherders. They care about doing more for so many. In contrast some leaders see not clarity but vanity. Their pomposity duplicates an arrogance of me. The sphere-like vertical pronoun in a posture of self-importance. Humility is the emulation of doing more than rote admiration of position and thing. It is the development of an attribute certified deliberately over a process of time.

There is much stereotyping about humility. We often presume leaders must be indignant achieve results.

Employees are observers. Eyeing their leaders for that humility in cases for matters of turf we seek to fight for as though the opinions of others are more important than our opinion of self. If our image of such self-importance is thwarted that is good. For our purpose as a leader, we are all leaders, is to be humble more important with our assignment than our entitlement.

At work and home silence when everyone is letting go, our humility can help us not give offense to others. Our pride is quieted to accept the mistakes and imperfections of others.

For those of us more concerned with status or pour place in line, let us understand truly our motives. So we go on fewer self-indulgent ego trips and less concern with being taken for granted and more concern with being.

In our quiet moments we will realize humility does not imply weakness. It is less concern with being taken for granted. More concern with adopting the right way.

Humility does not mean tentativeness rather esteeming pothers as we do ourselves. Humility allows us to find time for others.

I cannot but wonder what so many leaders could have accomplished had they been humble.

General Douglas Macarthur was a brave man. His bravery however was often superseded by his vanity.

We admire boldness and dash. But the encrustations of ego can create an abuse of authority and power for which all succumb except the humble.,

The humbled leader uses influence by love and trust which one need not push and shout. When we focus too much on the skills on the fashionable skills of leadership demanding of that people are secondary, values are cumbersome and humility is for the weak we will find that one day we have bowed towards the wrong adversaries who sought vanity far more than virtue.

Humility is not a lack of boldness. Humility is discipleship. He or she that is a leader must also a follower be. Humility is speaking up not speaking down.

In a world impressed by manly arrogance defined as leadership we see more coarseness of character.

We see more and more people using selfishness masquerading as individuality.

To be sober; to underline with urgency the need for the attributes of humility in times of affliction builds our character and that of others who quietly observe us. There are many at work and home whose hands hang down. Our humility without our vanity will help us raise them up to perhaps sufficiently surpass their expectations but not those of their Creator.

As a humbled leader you will find strength in strivings and setbacks. Seeing them as a prelude to things to come.

Do not fail those for whom you serve. You are called to shepherd them. Jim Woods

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