2 Simple Steps To Get Influencers To Follow You On Social Media

Taking the initiative is viewed differently by “good enough” employees and top performers. One views it as arbitrarily sending information through email or Twitter without significant intent. The latter takes the initiative in constantly reimagining how to do this thing better with themselves at the drivers set. In the case of star performers this would imply proactively reaching out to influencers within ones industry. Below are tips by Forbes columnist Jason Demers on how to do just that:

  1. Engage with Influencers Across Social Media & Email – To really capture the attention of influencers, you need to engage with them directly. Start by finding and adding them on LinkedIn . The culture of LinkedIn is very conducive to networking, as that’s the main function of the site.I suggest reaching out via email to congratulate them on a recent accomplishment, or to provide feedback on a recent article they’ve published. Many conferences and trade shows now include hashtags assigned specifically to the event. Using that hashtag, you can identify and follow people in your industry worth meeting while you’re on site.  Please share. 
  2. Offer Value – While a large part of getting social media influencers to follow you is engaging with them directly, you also need to focus on building up your own social media presence so you can offer value to the influencers that you want to follow you. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through creating your own high-quality content, such as well-researched blog posts that provide new value, or an infographic that presents data about your industry in a new way, providing new insights. via How To Get Influencers To Follow You On Twitter.

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