Innovating #HR: Why You Need It and Why You Don’t

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It is appalling how little actually changes in HR. Having owned recruiting and PR firms with hundreds of employees, I remain disappointed with the lack of interest by leaders concerning the disengagement of HR. Mind you the disconnect with HR is actually the result of leadership malaise. The heads of many organizations are purveyors of nifty slogans such as “We value our people.” “Diversity is our common language.”

Homogeneity sucks as Tom Peters says. Yet, sameness is the very objective of HR and management. They seek “goose stepping” employees marching in a marionette parade while preaching innovative thinking. 

However, HR is saddled with employees and leaders who relish people who toe the line rather than innovators who push the envelope of excellence in everything. Dissidence is quickly quieted as rebelliousness. Labeled as aberrant behavior.

As Walter Isaacson said of Einstein, “He had a cheeky rebelliousness..”

So did Steve Jobs and Jack Welch.

Ditto for Tom Peters, FDR, Patton Dr. Jonas Salk, and Robert Oppenheimer. To reimagine HR means to hire people who are not duplicitous in getting business back to normal.

It means hiring people in HR who revel in the mess. Who wants to know how can we improve this process?

How can we catch people doing good as opposed to “doing wrong.”

How can we applaud “cheeky rebelliousness” as a cry for empowerment and self management.

Kyle Smith writing for Forbes asserts, “Everybody has a Human Resources horror story, which is why, in the words of one writer, HR is widely thought of as “at best,a necessary evil — and at worst, a dark bureaucratic force that blindly enforces nonsensical rules, resists creativity, and impedes constructive change.” HR, goes the refrain, is too important to be left to HR. Here are a few of the reasons HR types are impossible:

They speak gibberish.

“Internal action learning.” “Being more planful in my approach.” “Human capital analytics.” “Result driven.” Even HR people realize their words are meaningless. Check out their B.S. bingo game.

They revel in red tape.”

Read Kyle Smith’s full article via Forbes 

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