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Get your boss off your back

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Your Boss Thinks You’re Capable of More

If you’re constantly being pushed to do more than you can handle or harder work than you’re used to, it might not be that your boss is trying to drive you to quit—but that he or she knows you’re capable or more and is showing you some tough love to encourage that possibility.

I’ve experienced it, and as a former manager, I’ve been the source of it, too. When I pinpointed an employee who had the talent to move beyond his current position, I did everything I could to push him in that direction. That sometimes meant giving him an assignment, but providing less guidance than I would to one of his teammates, knowing that he had the talent and drive to do it himself—and possibly in a way better than I could have advised.

Did it put some extra pressure on him—and probably cause him some extra frustration? Sure. But it also pushed him to achieve more than if I’d coddled him and made his job easy.

Knowing that, I now try to think on the optimistic side and realize that a tough boss may just be trying to push me to reach my potential. And even if that’s not his or her explicit objective, it can be my opportunity to do it anyway.

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