What Lauren Morelli “I Realized I Am Gay” Can Do For You

lauren morelli

Image courtesy of Lauren Morelli

At the outset, I expect to lose “friends” over this post. I am not expecting anyone to like it. I wasn’t going to write here as there wasn’t anything I wanted to say. In a world where “happy” people pretend their marriages are “happy,” the kids aren’t maladjusted, or the car and new home aren’t really over our head, this woman said far more than “I am Gay.”

To change requires enormous courage. 

While I am not gay, her courage is admirable. Sitting on the balcony with the Wall Street Journal, a cup of Seattle’s Best and “This” I found myself proud of this remarkable woman who discovered she is “Okay and You are Okay” too. Orange is The New Black is one of my favorite shows. I adore the acting as well as the writing. I didn’t know about 60% of the actors are gay. Six years ago I would have denigrated Lauren Morelli as though that is what Christ would have done. My sanctimonious pious views urging me I would be lauded for my prejudices. .

Now, I am proud to applaud someone who is finding what many never ever do. So, if you are struggling with any form of loss, we all do, financial, health etc dig deeper. You will be okay.

I asked my former wife what would she do if her daughter announced she was gay. This woman mind you is very religious. Even more than me. I’m the ADHD poster child for religion. Okay I used to be. But every once in a while I battle with my lifetime ultra conservative views and just hoping people are happy and safe in whatever skin they are in.

I’m happy to be heterosexual. But …. Ms. Morelli’s article caused me to think how painful it was for me to leave the Mormon church after 45 years of more devoutness than the Osmonds and Romney’s. My family left me. My clients who were Mormon ran. My friends who were in Boy Scout’s Woodsbadge no longer answered my calls. If only I could have been a normal forgive me, “wife beater.”

I thought I was merely a man. It turns out as I turned the corner in church one Sunday that I “close “friend” said, “Can you imagine how distasteful it is to kiss a nigger?”

Ms. Morreli prompted me to reflect on the brands of prejudice we allow in our own lives. There is so much to prejudice than black and white.

I how you will see yourself in Ms. Morelli’s revealing article. While Ia m happily heterosexual I understand her pain and that of millions. I am too black  or too white. In a nether world of only now finding out who I am at 61 years old I finally understand the muted cries on many. Thank you. Jim

Thank you for your comments.

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