How To Work With Startups and Get Everyone To Listen

Ernesto Sirolli. employee engagement

Obviously, no sane entrepreneur wants to fail in business. Most do for reasons not obvious to themselves. In the desire to be a leader they take on opportunities they are actually ill equipped to handle. Businesses will go bankrupt There will be spikes in commodities, employees will leave, customers will flee to a competitors and a once vaunted advantage becomes assailable.

One of the ways we encourage our clients at The InnoThink Group is train your employees to be “little” leaders if you will. Give them responsibility.  Make sure you surround yourself with the best talent available who will give the hard feedback you deserve but … may not want. Here are additional ideas from Sally Hansen concerning my friend Ernesto Sirolli on effective entrepreneurship:

 Sirolli has achieved this kind of success by adapting methods pioneered by Carl Rogers, the founder of “person-centered therapy” and a major influence on organizational development. Rogers’s clinical work demonstrated that a therapist could help people heal by simply “being there,” offering witness and support. “Rogers basically invented facilitation,” says Sirolli. “He believed a counselor’s sole job was to remove obstacles so a patient could resume normal growth. He told his students, ‘You don’t do the work, you let your patients do it. You’re there to honor their innate wish to grow.’”

Using Rogers’s technique with entrepreneurs represents a radical departure from ordinary business development. “For one thing,” Sirolli notes, “few programs emphasize one-on-one work with entrepreneurs, preferring to focus on infrastructural support such as microloans, literacy, and training. Also, most programs require entrepreneurs to complete a business plan before applying for funding, even though there’s little connection between the ability to write a plan and [the ability to] run a business. Finally, a lot of programs supply money. Our practice is to never do that, on the theory that an entrepreneur with a good plan and the right team will have little problem finding money.” The real challenge of the method, he says, is “being comfortable enough to wait, to resist the temptation to step in. That’s tough in our action-crazy culture.” […]

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