7 Ways To Get Out Of Your Way and Stop Your Procrastinating Right Now

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Said Denis Waitley, “Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid  of the success that they know will result if they know will result if they move ahead now. Because  success is heavy, carries responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the “someday I’ll” philosophy.”

If we would but commit to not just the big dream but starting you would surprise yourself. The way to accomplish any fear is taking a small step and then a wider step and so on.

But starting is the overcoming of all fear. We are afraid we might lose. People are going to laugh at us. Not only will we know we are a failure, everyone else will know it too. The agony of defeat. Admitting it to yourself is one thing. Everyone else being correct in our assessment is another. They are wrong. When I lived in my car fooling the depression of losing my marriage of 30 years I sat in the back row at church. I was verbally reminded me that I was a failure. My pastor looked at me in the hallway, as he and others passed me by speechless. He said, “You have let us down.” Read my story in the company I built. To hire me to motivate you and yours staff learn more here. 

I was the only black man in church. Don’t be alarmed it did not disturb me. A woman with small children left her seat in the front to sit next to me. It was as though she could feel my embarrassment. I must have wreaked of despair and loneliness.

I discovered years later she happened to be the mother of the youngest son on the “Brady Bunch.” he was going through her own crucible of a debilitating divorce which resulted in her being shunned if you will.

We always choose. Either we step from among the timid feeders at the lagoon or we embrace the validity of the scriptures, “Walk by faith.”

Only then will we be able to see what was hidden by the false darkness of our fears. Only then will we be amazed that the thing we feared, the thing that paralyzed us was actually smaller than we imagined.

Later without a friend in the world I would shower in a place with vagabonds. Dress in my suit hanging in my car and went to Disney where I secured a consulting contract.

My advice to you is this: Get up. Get up. Here are additional tips from Open Forum.

Tricks and rewards sometimes work, but to really kick-start yourself out of your procrastination funk, you’ve got to dig deep into the reasons behind it.

Are you procrastinating due to:

Fear? Fear of failure is the obvious choice here—if you never try, you can’t fail, so you keep delaying whatever’s hanging over your head. But there’s also the fear of success. What if you completed that loan application, got the money and grew your business beyond your wildest dreams? Are you afraid you wouldn’t be able to handle the growth, that you’d have no time for your family, that you’d have to give a big speech at your next industry conference? Figure out what you’re afraid of. If the fear is unfounded, it’ll become obvious. If it’s telling you something important—such as, you don’t want to grow your business because you enjoy your current lifestyle—then listen carefully.

Burnout? Maybe you’re putting off a huge task because you’re fried. If entrepreneurship is starting to feel like a grind, figure out how to freshen it up. Could you delegate the task you’re procrastinating or at least share some of the labor? Is there a way to do it differently so it doesn’t feel like the same old, same old? Try breaking up the types of tasks you do. If you’ve been writing proposals for a solid week, revamping your business plan is likely to feel like a chore. Instead, take a few days to make client calls or do something completely unrelated, then start the big task when you’re refreshed.

Incompetence? If a project is outside our comfort zone, we often delay getting started. There are two solutions here: Either delegate the project to someone who is competent, or become competent yourself. If the skill will benefit you as a business owner (say, public speaking or networking), it’s likely worth learning. Take a class, study the subject online or get a colleague to coach you. If the skill won’t be useful to you in the long term (updating your fashion boutique’s website), hand it off to an employee or contractor, and focus on the tasks in your wheelhouse. […]

Read full article via 7 Reasons You’re Procrastinating (And How To Snap Out Of It) | OPEN Forum.

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