The Steve Jobs #HR and #leadership Video You Must See

This video should bring tears in your eyes when you consider the latent talent of those of whom you terminated, listed as aberrant, or whom you refused to hire because they didn’t fit in. Every notable person in this video would have likely been someone who did not push the envelope.

The central problem lies in the fact that while we laud Apple products and Mr. Jobs no one hires such people. In fact we surround ourselves not with dissenters but those who are more like us. Dissenters are only welcomed after their ideas have achieved wide-spread support. As current head of Gallup said, he doesn’t know executives who care about the trust level and emotions of employees. In reality they want the expectancy of the status quo to remain.


HR would never approve such rebellious thinkers. Nor would management. because thee people are the ones who will not tolerate, “My way or the highway” and “this is the way we have always done things around here. ” We can adore this video but it will change nothing in our personal lives and organizations. Because just like our Facebook friends and new hires they are those who don’t push excellence but talk about it.

Ask in your meetings, why aren’t you thinking and hiring like this?

You’ll find the answer is, lost of control, self efficacy, and the silliness of protective silos and bureaucracy.

We tend to like things the way they are until we are compelled to change.

If you are the head of an organization there are two things I suggest: Replace bottlenecks the heads of departments with such people.

Eliminate the old guard. Period!!

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