Never Ask A Person Who Has An Ice Cube How To Find Your Life’s Person


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When it comes to finding ones purpose I could find no better example than Viktor Frankl. In contrast it seems monumentally easy to extract ones purpose from life’s experiences when our life has been one of absolute pleasures and self indulgences. Frankl lived in a perpetual state of depravity. Death was upon him as frequent as hunger. He saw daily barbarous people who had once been solid citizens erupt into survival of the fittest. I can’t imagine how a man  could emerge with such profound intensity to get on about the business of life when in a very real sense everything had been taken away from him. To lose his wife and family to no fault of his own. All because he sought to worship God according to the safe confines of his heart. All books created in the safety of one’s abode with refrigerator lined with food, electricity flowing and no likely impedance from guards pounding upon ones door seems at best suppositions. As though we write a book on climbing a mountain and yet we sit in our Lazy Boy with music playing with cushioned speakers. Kids tucked away and in this safety we extract what life’s purpose is.

Sometimes I’d like to hear from the mother who has had her car repossessed or evicted tell me the honest to goodness truth about finding one’s life purpose rather than some anglo Saxon WASP who seldom has lived a life in America where the eviction notice is nailed to the door and the speed dial is empty of friends. I have grown weary of self indulging pundits who provide ideas on life when they haven’t a clue what it is like to not know where the next meal is coming from. This was going to be an excerpt from Yamashita’s book “Make Your Mark from 99U. How easy to write lifes purpose when you haven’t had to pick apples to pay for your only child to attend college. That was the case of Arizona Prosecutor Juan Martinez.

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However, I could not bear to hear another person tell a mom who need to place her kids in daycare while she attempts to supplement welfare with a second or third job read this to find your life’s purpose.  Or Rick Warren with his successful book “A Purpose Driven life” written with suggestions from Peter Drucker who neither ever had to traipse down to the stream for clean water. Or watched their child lay on a bare earth hungry with tapeworms protruding from his or her mouth.

Here are few excerpts from the book. I am not as excited as I was. Because they haven’t a clue what it is like to find your life’s purpose without ever knowing what it is like to have an ice cube or turn on electricity with a single flip at ones own behest.

Kicking off our brand-new 99U book Make Your Mark with a bang, Yamashita dives right into the key questions you should be asking to uncover your purpose.To define your personal purpose, start with these questionsHow will the world be better off thanks to you having been on this earth?What are your unique gifts and superpowers? Who have you been when you’ve been at your best? […] via How to Find Your Purpose & Live It – 99U.

Ask yourself these three questions:

Where do you go from here?
When will you do that?
What are your next steps? By what date or time will you complete these steps? If you help I’m right here to talk no charge. Jim Go>

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