How Do You Keep Clients When Your Star Performer Leaves

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Published by Jim Woods President The InnoThink Group

When a star performer leaves a host of problems ensures. For example the founder of a large management consulting firm began when a partner absconded with just a few prized clients when the President was out of town.

One way of doing this is through multiplexity – diluting the control held by individual executives by creating a number of different ties between the client and the company. It’s a strategy used by firms like Procter & Gamble, which include cross-functional teams when meeting with clients, and McKinsey, a consultancy renowned for making sure that only rarely will they have a single partner serving a single customer.

A senior partner at a large management consultancy has likened the tactic to “binding Gulliver”.

“Each of these individual strings may not be tough enough to hold (the client) so you’re much better to try and have a whole range of small connections. This actually creates more strength than one strong piece of rope which can be cut with a knife leaving you with nothing”.[…]

via Keeping Clients When the Rainmaker Leaves | INSEAD Knowledge.

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