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What You Can Do To Create Sustainable Advantage

In the past organizations and pundits focused on sustainable advantage those strategies have proven to be merely theoretical except in entities such as government where regulation can create barriers. In the real world where academic strategists once ruled with concepts

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6 Ways To Make Your Body Speak the Language of Success Instantly – #smalllbiz

More than 60% of our communication is body language. Which is one of the reason email can get any one of us into trouble. When I was an undergraduate student my instructor termed email “flame mail.” For the simple reason

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Marshall Goldsmith: Power Words That Build Trust

Please and  “Thank you” are instruments of a life filled with gratitude. An organization after all is little more than a bonding of relationships towards an agreed goal. Part of a high trust environment is being polite. There is nothing

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What Makes A Company A Great Place To Work? Trust!

If you were to ask any CEO what their competitive advantage is they’ll hesitate. Then they’ll spout the trite phrase, “Our employees.” Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Because in all honesty employers treat employees as though they are

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Pharrell Williams On Collaboration and Innovation

We enable organizations to thrive on uncertainty, build high trust environments, engage employees and customers; innovate to win, reduce conflict and build creative leaders from the inside out. Jim Woods is a leadership development and training consultant deploying his unique abilities in character based

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The Role of Donuts in Team Building

Just as organizations exist for a purpose, so do teams. That purpose is two fold: Performance and competitive advantage. Generally defined as an outcome considered valuable to a customer. Hence, the duty of teams i.e. team leader is to certainly

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Jack Welch on The 5 Ways of Telling Your Employees Where They Stand

As an unabashed fan of Jack Welch I have one essential disagreement: I don’t believe in management. I have never met anyone who managed that could not be made better being led. No one wants to be managed. Welch made

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How to Work with Someone You Hate

Getting along with others can be as simple as listening. Find out why the person is feeling this way. It may have nothing to do with you. Often times we tend to exaggerate how much we think others think about

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Why Your Employees Are Tone Deaf To Your Leadership

  This isn’t at all extreme. From my time as an employee, professor, elementary teacher and consultant I have seen this play out far too many times. It doesn’t matter what the directive is. Not only do employees think, “yada, yada,

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Why Vulnerable Leaders Build Trust

Building trust builds engagement. It is the honest exchange of communication. Think about the simple word, “Communication.” We have more meetings, technology and books to help us communicate better in the past 25 years than in any other time in

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