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How To Innovate Your Customer Service Excellence #smallbusiness

At a time when every advantage is assailable competition is heating up ….fast. The placid times when one could “shake a tail feather” only to retain a customer for life is over. Sure with hypercompetition protruding from every orifice firms

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What Competitive Sports Taught Me About Running a #Business #smb

Published in Entrepreneur Magazine If you’re a CEO or manager who aims to win, make the following characteristics of a standout athlete part of your game plan. Team player Few people reach the top alone. Competitive athletes understand the value of

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Is The Revolving Door of Executives Fair To Employees?

Has it occurred to you the competitive advantage of setting the appropriate example to your employees has on your customers and recruitment, innovation in new products and services? Trust is more the by-product of management and executive behaviors than employee

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How to Engage Employees and Remove Bureaucracy

What leads to employee and customer disengagement is a hierarchical management style that subvert creative thinking. The more top down the organization becomes the greater the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decision become more important the ranks of those who challenge the

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How Do You Keep Clients When Your Star Performer Leaves

Published by Jim Woods President The InnoThink Group When a star performer leaves a host of problems ensures. For example the founder of a large management consulting firm began when a partner absconded with just a few prized clients when

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The Dirty Truths About Marketing Strategies

I  was reading an article in the Economist Magazine by Dr. Jerome Groopman on cancer. Curious, I found he had a book on Amazon which really tugged my ear, “How Doctors Think.” That got my attention for two reasons. I enjoy

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17 Absolutely Awesome Quotes That Will Inspire you to Take Risks

  If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. Sheryl Sandberg I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that

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Leadership Now: Why Tom Peters and Jim Collins Got It Wrong

By Jim Woods @leadersmatter Think about it. Almost everything we hear about leadership with the exception of a few stories hasn’t changed in 40 years. Even the successful companies noted in popular books such as Tom Peters “In Search of

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How to Downsize With Compassion

We are in a crisis. A new normal. Businesses from all sectors, of all sizes, all over the world are facing more uncertainty and complexity than ever before. Everyone is stressed. Managers and employees are facing tremendous pressure to produce more with

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A Practical Approach to Decision Making

Decisions drive performance, and the companies that make decisions well are the ones that outperform their competitors. This Bain video provides insights from the authors for an effective decision based organization. You’ll notice the importance of values and engagement. Nevertheless,

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