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Managing People Is So Old Fashion; Lead Them

At the outset, I am a self confessed protagonist when it comes to leadership. Especially that banal aspect of managing people. Dogs are managed. People are like cats. They aren’t. In fact I suspect andy person capable or desiring management

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Damon John on The 5 Leadership Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Every business has a multitude of critical issues. The ones that can badly hurt the business or prevent it from capitalizing on new opportunities, or perhaps reaching it objectives. Addressing these issues requires thought and action. Below is a video

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Leadership Now: Why Tom Peters and Jim Collins Got It Wrong

By Jim Woods @leadersmatter Think about it. Almost everything we hear about leadership with the exception of a few stories hasn’t changed in 40 years. Even the successful companies noted in popular books such as Tom Peters “In Search of

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Leadership Cues in Playing to Win

When an organization hires an employee, organize a meeting, deploy a policy or committee, and innovate a new process or product their only objective is to acquire and retain customers faster and at lower costs than their competitors. While building

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Fish Rots From The Head: 5 Tips to Create an Engaged Workforce

“As far as engagement goes, the fish always rots from the head. People leaders need to be the catalyst to improving productivity and performance, but they can’t if their teams are not first engaged. Engage and motivate your people to

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Prepare to Abandon Everything You Know About Sustainable Advantage

2008 proved to be one of the most disastrous periods in not only the U.S. but the world. This new normal represents upheavals across the board affecting every person on the planet. Occasionally I still here “leaders” and ordinary people

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Meditate for More Profitable Decisions

It’s a practice rooted in Hinduism and adopted by beatniks seeking spiritual guidance. Now evidence shows meditation can improve business decisions and save your company from expensive investment mistakes. Meditation has become an increasingly popular practice amongst the C-suite elite.

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