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9 Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement and Strategy

    By John Stoker Here are a number of tactics that you might decide to adopt to reverse the feelings of negativity and help the folks to refocus their efforts during these times of unrelenting chaos. Change Your Perspective

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Are you assertive enough to be an entrepreneur? #business #management

The most successful leaders tend to find a good balance between being too assertive (and possibly aggressive) and being too nice.  Assertiveness forms the ability to  act in your own self  interest in the assignment of “No .” Assertiveness can

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Damon John on The 5 Leadership Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Every business has a multitude of critical issues. The ones that can badly hurt the business or prevent it from capitalizing on new opportunities, or perhaps reaching it objectives. Addressing these issues requires thought and action. Below is a video

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When A Mission Statement Is More Hyperbole Than Alignment

In Entrepreneur Magazine Andre Lavoie provides ideas on vision and mission statements. Now ….. with all due respect to Andre, I once worked with a firm which made mission statements their magnum opus long before it became the maxim for about

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5 Finance Tips For Entrepreneurs To Be Successful

“The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.” Andrew Carnegie I’ll never forget the day I read of Wal-Mart surpassing the perennial giant Sears and Kmart. Having recently opened my

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What Competitive Sports Taught Me About Running a #Business #smb

Published in Entrepreneur Magazine If you’re a CEO or manager who aims to win, make the following characteristics of a standout athlete part of your game plan. Team player Few people reach the top alone. Competitive athletes understand the value of

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How To Cut Costs and Improve Cash Flow

In Go Broke, Die Rich: Turning Around the Troubled Small Business William Manchee makes a valid statement,  “Many small businesses are doomed from day one, not from competition or the economy, but from the ignorance of their owners . .

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Donald Trump Dispenses 24 Great Business Tips For Entrepreneurs

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9 Warning Signs of A Rude Boss

We’ve all had an abrasive employer. I can recall visiting a company on my first consulting assignment in Los Angeles where a president of a small business severely reprimanded an employee in front of me. Not only in my presence

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10 Tips For Managing Your Cash Flow Better #smallbiz

Managing one’s cash flow can be problematic for many reasons. A large contract paid 90 days out may be needed to remain competitive. However, in the interim there are out of pocket expenses. This can be treacherous. The company could

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