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Are you assertive enough to be an entrepreneur? #business #management

The most successful leaders tend to find a good balance between being too assertive (and possibly aggressive) and being too nice.  Assertiveness forms the ability to  act in your own self  interest in the assignment of “No .” Assertiveness can

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#Leadership In The Case of Workplace Conflict is Superior To #Management

Originally posted on Jim Woods Group Blog Leadership and Competitive Strategy:
Seriously, how we deal with others is the result of our unconscious inner dialogue.  Anxiety, a self induced dilemma is maximized when we exaggerate situations as being about us.…

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5 Best Tips Ever for Creating Benefit Packages That WOW

  “It is never an idea, technology, market forces, or access to capital that makes a company innovative. What differentiates an innovative company from an average company is the people working inside the company.” ― Jag Randhawa, The Bright Idea

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Innovating #HR: Why You Need It and Why You Don’t

Hire people who think like this. Read article below.  It is appalling how little actually changes in HR. Having owned recruiting and PR firms with hundreds of employees, I remain disappointed with the lack of interest by leaders concerning the disengagement

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Why Companies Can’t Hire

Transparency is key. It has been my experience that an organization has to be trust or bust. If a leader has built a high trust environment recruitment of top talent will be supremely easier. HR is the most important department in

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What’s Wrong With #Hr and How To Fix It

HR takes a beating. While I have an HR degree I assure you it is deservedly so. Essentially hr people while passionate are trained to think more like autocrats than business owners. In middle school there was always someone whose

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Leadership: Why I Chastised A Major Client (#mfg #supplychain #hr #smb)

Leaders understand their most important tool is to listen to disgruntled workers. They, not tolerate, but expect positive defiance. Meaning disagreements that adhere at least to core values and directed to move the organization and co-workers forward rather than out

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Why People Don’t Get Along At Work

Most people have little or no appreciation of their own talents. They tend to focus at work more on the weaknesses of others than their own strengths. Which is entirely the result of personal development. In other words, self efficacy

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Put The “Human” Back Into Human Resources

Every employee will do more in a culture of ( trust than they will in a culture of dominance and control.

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Take our poll – Overall, how satisfied are you with the spirit of teamwork within your company?

How can I help you ignite action, break down barriers and transform thinking? Jim is president of InnoThink Group and Leadership Matters.  He is a leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions. For over 25 years, we have helped companies

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