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How To Improve Innovation Agility

In “Handbook for a Management Revolution” Tom Peters notes the importance of avoiding the mundane. Sage advice seeing how the mundane soon become the threshold. He cautions whether one is the C-Suite or a line managers do the things you

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Innovation In Business: The Real Reasons Most Companies Can’t Innovate

Innovation is an uneasy adventure. Like all adventures in fables there are always enormous risks with alternatively  enormous opportunity. Not all adventures turn out well. No, that is incorrect. They do. However, to see the adversity as a misstep instead

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Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave #innovation

By Joseph L. Bower and Clayton M. Christensen Although most managers like to think they are in control, customers wield extraordinary power in directing a company’s investments. Before managers decide to launch a technology, develop a product, build a plant, or establish new

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The Value of Focus In The Cycle of Innovation

By Kevin Riley Focus, in this and in all things, is key. Focus will reduce waste and allow for any quality of Idea Source to contribute to the cause. Focus lets your awakening Idea Sources be put to better use.

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What Leaders Can Learn From The Fosbury Flop

By Jim Woods Like us on Facebook  Failure is as vital to innovation and life as the sun is to earth. No one goes unscathed. Certainly some more than ever. Yet life compels each of us, albeit sometimes kicking and

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Reframing Failure To Innovate Again – #entrepreneurs

Former Disney President Michael Eisner said this concerning innovation and failure, “There’s no good idea that cannot be improved on.” Whether failure is met as an impediment or an opportunity is a matter of choice not destiny. Failure is the

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How to Get Managers To Embrace New Trends #Innovation #leadership

Jeff Rubingh – Originally published in Innovation Excellence  How do you get corporate leaders to embrace new trends in technology like the Cloud or Big Data? How do you get the executive stack to think strategically around new technology? How

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Four Steps for Creating Affordable Housing #econdev

In developing countries communities are struggling to meet the need for housing. As affordable housing goes so does the economic vitality of a country and community. McKinsey’s MGI report offers four strategies for which economic development can create reasonably cost

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Why Michael Porter and Business Gurus Long In The Tooth Fail – Strategy

Sustainable competitive advantage is a theoretical concept created by Porter replete with disastrous consequences under the theoretical assumption that business is a zero sum game. Business has been bombarded with financially successful academics whose concepts formulated in classrooms then implemented

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What You Can Learn From the Decline of Nokia: Interview with former CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

How Nokia lost its world-dominating position has been the subject of much debate. Is it an issue of stronger competitors (i.e., Apple and Google)? Did Nokia lack the right strategy, or the ability to implement strategy? With the benefit of

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