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Fly Or To Be Invisible. Which Superpower Would You Choose?

by Joe Folkman How much can you learn about someone from a silly question? Since last year we have been collecting data from the business and professional leaders who read our blogs. The question we asked was this, “If you

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Servant Leadership in 6 Steps

A servant leader is an authentic leader. One whose personal persona prevails upon the public persona. They are genuine. “A noble leader answers not to the trumpet calls of self promotion, but to the hushed whispers of necessity.” Mollie Marti Simply

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What Leaders Can Learn From The Fosbury Flop

By Jim Woods Like us on Facebook  Failure is as vital to innovation and life as the sun is to earth. No one goes unscathed. Certainly some more than ever. Yet life compels each of us, albeit sometimes kicking and

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Some Leaders Trump Others: In This Era of Diversity Tim Cook Shouldn’t Matter

I am straight. It shouldn’t matter. All that should matter is my integrity. However I applaud the courage of Tim Cook making a statement for something he was not required to do. I can’t help but wonder what would be

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Why Vince Lombardi The Coach Failed As A Man – Leadership

  Pull up your chair. I’m going to tell you what you aren’t doing. Vince Lombardi the coach and the man exemplifies leaders in every sphere. Integrity in quiet moments is the hallmark of a leader. We are interesting people.

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#Leadership In The Case of Workplace Conflict is Superior To #Management

Originally posted on Jim Woods Group Blog Leadership and Competitive Strategy:
Seriously, how we deal with others is the result of our unconscious inner dialogue.  Anxiety, a self induced dilemma is maximized when we exaggerate situations as being about us.…

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#Entrepreneurs Lessons From Netflix and 9/11: Creating an Emotional Business Road Map

If you know where you  want you business to go but you mislead yourself about where you are you. (Please share) What business are you really in? And where does your business need to be if it’s going to thrive

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Five Ways of Unleashing Creativity and Building Leadership Resilience

By Jim Woods Follow @innothinkgrp_ It seems good business sense to expect creativity in business leaders and employees from the frontlines to the echelons of the ivory tower. But … we know from experience the obvious is easily discarded for

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Michael Sam is A Better Leader Than You

His whole life has been a long shot. He is a leader. During a training session today on leadership authenticity I noted how everyone speaks only of Michael Sam in term of being gay. Did you know this young man is

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7 Ways to Become Better Manager and Leader Now

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ― Peter F. Drucker Leadership is getting the right things done. Developing this acumen doesn’t happen in a single leap. Here are ideas. 1. Apologize quickly without

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