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3 Time Management Tips So You Can Get The Right Things Done

Being able to manage your time most appropriately is something best done as early as possible. The earlier in life that you start, the better such skills will stick with you.

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5 Business Strategy Questions Every Effective Leader Should Follow

By Freek Vermeulen If you can’t find time to think, it probably means that you haven’t organized your firm, unit, or team very well, and you are busy putting out little fires all the time. It also means that you are

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5 Ways To Create a Workplace With More Engaged Employees

Regardless of position leaders managers continue making the same mistakes when it comes to developing an effective team. Like minded people create like minded  results. See Nokia Effect. Add diverse people in race, ethnicity, challenging opinions single, divorced etc. You

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How To Improve Innovation Agility

In “Handbook for a Management Revolution” Tom Peters notes the importance of avoiding the mundane. Sage advice seeing how the mundane soon become the threshold. He cautions whether one is the C-Suite or a line managers do the things you

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Dealing with feedback – two typical paths towards innovation

An effective leader is an innovator. He or she is constantly looking for ways to improve personally and organizationally. Feedback in this stead is both inward and outward. Notes David Witt in Blanchard Leaderchat: If you are an experienced innovator,

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How to Engage Employees and Remove Bureaucracy

What leads to employee and customer disengagement is a hierarchical management style that subvert creative thinking. The more top down the organization becomes the greater the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decision become more important the ranks of those who challenge the

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What Matters Most In The Business Case For Leadership

According to research conducted by the management consulting firm Mckinsey, leadership is a critical part of organizational health, which is an important driver of shareholder returns. A big, unresolved issue is what sort of leadership behavior organizations should encourage. Is leadership

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17 Absolutely Awesome Quotes That Will Inspire you to Take Risks

  If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. Sheryl Sandberg I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that

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20 Amazing Ways To Be More Productive

You are not alone. Your company regardless of your position feels the impact of your choices. Your most important attribute from the standpoint of being an employee is to make your work an asset that helps your boss win. Competition

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If you were interviewed by Jack Welch and Steve Jobs on your performance what would be the outcome?

If you were interviewed today by Jack Welch and Steve Jobs on your performance as a leader or employee what would be the outcome? Would your department be cut? Would you find you were more prone to activity instead of

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