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20 inspirational teamwork quotes for the workplace

By Jim Woods President, Jim Woods Group  @leadersmatter Nothing  matters  so much to the value of a team than to add diversity of thought to the mix. Rabble rousers with placaters can create innovative ideas never generated by those who mistake

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What Makes A Team Effective?

The article below by Mckinsey on world class teams would be worthwhile reading by the leadership and management of all organizations. In the first paragraph Mckinsey notes the capitulation of various forms of training to enhance the value of teams.

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Avoiding Cultural & Personality Differences That Affect Teamwork

Avoiding culture clashes Both consensual and unilateral styles of decision-making can be effective, but members of a global team generally have expectations about decision-making based on their own cultural norms. This can make clashes difficult to understand and manage. If

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How To Build A Culture of Trust and Gain Competitive Advantage

Trust is fundamental to business. It is rarely discussed. Trust is THE key component to engaged employees with the ability to accelerate growth and reduce costs, while avoiding missteps. The more trust within a company, the faster it can move with

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The Role of Donuts in Team Building

Just as organizations exist for a purpose, so do teams. That purpose is two fold: Performance and competitive advantage. Generally defined as an outcome considered valuable to a customer. Hence, the duty of teams i.e. team leader is to certainly

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Prune To Improve Your Teams

Improving the quality of a team can be found in the diversity of the team. Implementing bottom up leadership can democratize teams where they truly self police by adding the right people on the team . . . and getting

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Why Vulnerable Leaders Build Trust

Building trust builds engagement. It is the honest exchange of communication. Think about the simple word, “Communication.” We have more meetings, technology and books to help us communicate better in the past 25 years than in any other time in

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The Best 5 Tips Ever To Fix Your Dysfunctional Team

The surest way to fix any team is to determine what you want the team to accomplish. Secondly, to fix yourself. What are the secrets to fixing dysfunctional teams? How can you personally fix the broken teams you are on?

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Why Diverse Teams Lead To Innovation

In this new “normal” the one thing that is for certain is that nothing is for certain. All the more reason why teams must be diverse. Too often diversity is viewed as merely a racial component. Think about it. Diversity

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The Best Five Ways to Develop Your Team Ever

Ready To Unleash Your Employees Super Powers? Learn more. Go > Ready To Unleash Your Employees Super Powers? Jim is president of InnoThink Group and Leadership Matters.  He is a leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions. For over

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