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How To Work With Startups and Get Everyone To Listen

Obviously, no sane entrepreneur wants to fail in business. Most do for reasons not obvious to themselves. In the desire to be a leader they take on opportunities they are actually ill equipped to handle. Businesses will go bankrupt There

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10 Ways Managers Can Improve Their Teams

A perfect team is oxymoronic. Tweaking the organization and team members to elevate results is the new urgent message where uncertainty is the new normal. In stable times organizations could toss team members together hoping something might happen. Those were

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5 Ways of Dealing With Workplace Challenges #hr #entrepreneur

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The 1 Sentence That Turns Employees Into Customer Service Crazies

The way to set an example for successful teams is how you treat your employees. Please share. Before I earned my master’s degree in organizational development and human resources I ran a successful recruitment business. I can recall having met

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Take our poll – Overall, how satisfied are you with the spirit of teamwork within your company?

How can I help you ignite action, break down barriers and transform thinking? Jim is president of InnoThink Group and Leadership Matters.  He is a leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions. For over 25 years, we have helped companies

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6 Team Building Truths That Will Get Results

Building an effective team whether organizationally or conceptually requires leadership. The most important leadership is a self-directed team of leaders who values diverse points of view in innovating for maximum returns. I have never believed in teams where members are

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The 20 Best Inspirational Quotes Ever

Quotes have a magical power to give hope. I always keep a quote or two at the ready for or a speech and to buoy up a friend. An unexamined life is not worth living. –Socrates Eighty percent of success

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#Smallbiz – Richard Branson on Leadership Lessons from the Unflappable Steve Jobs |

Earlier this year, I experienced one of those fortunate coincidences that makes life interesting. Around the same time that I was starting to look forward to the release of Virgin Produced’s new film, “Jobs,” which depicts the Apple founder Steve

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