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#Leadership – Max Schireson’s Experience Can Teach Us All A Lesson on What Matters Most

In CEO Magazine there is a poignant story of Max Schireson was resigned recently as CEO of MongoDB to spend more time with his family. Max’s decision is one we should all evaluate. What price hath glory that fades with the

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Tom Peters: To WOW customers, FIRST WOW those who WOW the customers! #leadership

Despite all the books on the subject of customer service and employee engagement it offends how hard gurus and mindless suits make the easy so darn hard. The most important customer for a leader to be concerned with endlessly is

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Self-Esteem: 8 Ways to Stop Hurting Your Happiness

  The road of life is rarely smooth.  It’s easy to stumble and fall and hurt yourself.  But these bumps and bruises are a necessary part of your growth. Today, let’s take a step forward.  Your bad habits – the

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