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What You Can Learn From the Decline of Nokia: Interview with former CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

How Nokia lost its world-dominating position has been the subject of much debate. Is it an issue of stronger competitors (i.e., Apple and Google)? Did Nokia lack the right strategy, or the ability to implement strategy? With the benefit of

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The Titillation Of Disruptive Innovation: The More Things Change, The More They Don’t.

How companies can hold inviolate certain assumptions are interesting. In fact disturbing. How an entire group can do so should be down right demeaning. Take for instance, the companies named below. Sadly when using such examples we only note well

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How You Should Avoid Being Another Kodak

Said Jack Welch: “We’ve had managers at GE who couldn’t change, who kept telling us to leave them alone. They wanted to sit back, to keep things the way they were. And that’s just what they did—until they and most

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How To Lead Like A Cock Roach. Not A Dinosaur. Everything You Learned About Leadership Was Wrong

What a crazy world we live in. What an uncertain time to be a leader. Here is why leadership today is different. In the same week once perennial leader BlackBerry announced they were facing $1 billion loss and will slash

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#Smb: The Competitive Advantage of Providing Quality Healthcare To All Your Employees

I understand the popularity of your chamber of commerce and other entities denouncing Obama care. But, if you made just another sell each month to justify the cost of truly treating your employees like family they will not permit you

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Why Your Leadership and HR Are Nothing Like Steve Jobs.

  Think about it! HR is your greatest vehicle for turning things around and not. Your human resources department reflects your level of incompetence, beliefs and fears. Unlike any other department you instead staff it with the least people friendly,

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