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5 Business Strategy Questions Every Effective Leader Should Follow

By Freek Vermeulen If you can’t find time to think, it probably means that you haven’t organized your firm, unit, or team very well, and you are busy putting out little fires all the time. It also means that you are

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Fly Or To Be Invisible. Which Superpower Would You Choose?

by Joe Folkman How much can you learn about someone from a silly question? Since last year we have been collecting data from the business and professional leaders who read our blogs. The question we asked was this, “If you

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Creating The People Advantage in #HR

HR departments can be a critical differentiator in helping companies improve their operational and financial performance. Great HR functions connect with business leaders, strategically prioritize areas for improvement, and measure and communicate their impact. “If you want to look at

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When A Mission Statement Is More Hyperbole Than Alignment

In Entrepreneur Magazine Andre Lavoie provides ideas on vision and mission statements. Now ….. with all due respect to Andre, I once worked with a firm which made mission statements their magnum opus long before it became the maxim for about

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How To Restore Trust In The Workplace #entrepreneurs

Given the uncertainty in the workplace a business requires trust in order to develop engagement. Whose objective is to achieve obsessive customer service. The latter is the only means by which an organization can achieve competitive advantage …. meaning to exceed

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What Competitive Sports Taught Me About Running a #Business #smb

Published in Entrepreneur Magazine If you’re a CEO or manager who aims to win, make the following characteristics of a standout athlete part of your game plan. Team player Few people reach the top alone. Competitive athletes understand the value of

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How to Engage Employees and Remove Bureaucracy

What leads to employee and customer disengagement is a hierarchical management style that subvert creative thinking. The more top down the organization becomes the greater the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decision become more important the ranks of those who challenge the

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6 Important Characteristics of Creative Leaders

Creative leaders see greater organizational openness ahead. But as rules are refined and collaboration explodes,  they use uncertainty as an opportunity for competitive advantage, protect the business and deliver results. Please share. In uncertain times other companies hunker down building

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14 Bad Tips For Hiring Toxic Employees During An Interview

At the outset, my opinion on the role of Hr notwithstanding employees is considerably different than most. I unlike the author frankly appalled disagreeable employees. I think an organization valuing diversity as much as they claim would applaud diversity in

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What makes a healthy company?

First published in Mckinsey There are several generic components of a healthy company—a robust and credible strategy; productive, well-maintained assets; innovative products, services, and processes; a fine reputation with customers, regulators, governments, and other stakeholders; and the ability to attract,

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