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Managing People Is So Old Fashion; Lead Them

At the outset, I am a self confessed protagonist when it comes to leadership. Especially that banal aspect of managing people. Dogs are managed. People are like cats. They aren’t. In fact I suspect andy person capable or desiring management

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Feedback: Focus On The Goal Not The Person

By KEN BLANCHARD As a manager—or a parent, coach, or any other kind of leader—you want to get rid of bad behavior but keep the good person. To do this, you must give feedback frequently—this goes for catching people doing things

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Why The Focus of Flow Can Improve Productivity

Image credit: lupita_88 | In Fast Company Magazine the example of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi brilliant book on flow or transcendental focus without focusing applied. Focus then, becomes a method if you will of building employee engagement and productivity. Work without work.

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How Do You Keep Clients When Your Star Performer Leaves

Published by Jim Woods President The InnoThink Group When a star performer leaves a host of problems ensures. For example the founder of a large management consulting firm began when a partner absconded with just a few prized clients when

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4 Ways Leaders Can Make It Easier For Employees To Do Their Jobs

Inspiring employees to do better is a matter leaders and managers adeptly building a high trust environment ensconced in execution and accountability. To help you achieve this in your organization, here are four measures you can implement in order to

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To Emotionally Engage Your Employees Ask This Question

By Michael Falcon Originally published in Business2Business  If you want your customer experience to improve, you must fully commit yourself to employee engagement and recognition. Consider these statistics: Career opportunities, recognition, and organization reputation are consistently the top engagement drivers

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11 Ways #HR Can Overhaul Management

CNBC reported recently of Luxottica CEO relinquishing his position as head in order to overhaul it’s management system. There is a salient lesson here easily overlooked. All organizations have to constantly be at the precipice of grooming talent. However, doing

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How long do you put up with an under-performing employee?

Permit me to take a different approach. I have never known an employee who could not be made better had they a more effective leader or manager. The fault of all failing employees rest with the manager. If you have

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3 Reasons You Should Frame Your Mission Around Service

Small business owners have to contend with myriad challenges nearly all simultaneously. Business today isn’t for the faint of heart. One of the ways to create competitive advantage is to establish a culture of service. This benefits your organization directly

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#Leadership In The Case of Workplace Conflict is Superior To #Management

Originally posted on Jim Woods Group Blog Leadership and Competitive Strategy:
Seriously, how we deal with others is the result of our unconscious inner dialogue.  Anxiety, a self induced dilemma is maximized when we exaggerate situations as being about us.…

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