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6 Strategies to Help Your Business Adapt

Reasons for adapting ones business rather than stoic allegiance to tried and true principles created in placid times can be the difference between success and failure. My friend Alexandra Levit in Open Forum has a few solutions: I’ve come up

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5 Strategies For Building A Diverse Women #Leadership Initiative – #Diversity

In 2010 John Donahoe of EBay made diversity of women in leadership a focal point of his tenure. Doing so signaled to “traditional thinkers” that innovation was more than a product. Below is how he did it and perhaps more

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How Steve Case Went From Bust to Champion of Entrepreneurship

Steve Case likes to talk about the transcendent joy of entrepreneurship more than just about anyone you’ve ever met. And he has a lot to say. On a warm and sunny afternoon in midtown Manhattan, Case is sitting inside the

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#Smallbiz – Richard Branson on Leadership Lessons from the Unflappable Steve Jobs |

Earlier this year, I experienced one of those fortunate coincidences that makes life interesting. Around the same time that I was starting to look forward to the release of Virgin Produced’s new film, “Jobs,” which depicts the Apple founder Steve

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