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What You Can Learn From the Decline of Nokia: Interview with former CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

How Nokia lost its world-dominating position has been the subject of much debate. Is it an issue of stronger competitors (i.e., Apple and Google)? Did Nokia lack the right strategy, or the ability to implement strategy? With the benefit of

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The Titillation Of Disruptive Innovation: The More Things Change, The More They Don’t.

How companies can hold inviolate certain assumptions are interesting. In fact disturbing. How an entire group can do so should be down right demeaning. Take for instance, the companies named below. Sadly when using such examples we only note well

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How To Hire Like Richard Branson, Beth Comstock, and Deepak Chopra

Most people–even mighty Google–are basically clueless about what makes a good hire. But some people clearly have better heuristics than others, like folks that get knighted for being awesome at business, build holistic-health empires, and systematize change at legendary legacy

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