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20 inspirational teamwork quotes for the workplace

By Jim Woods President, Jim Woods Group  @leadersmatter Nothing  matters  so much to the value of a team than to add diversity of thought to the mix. Rabble rousers with placaters can create innovative ideas never generated by those who mistake

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Marshall Goldsmith – Are His Triggers the Only Way to Change? #Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith has a genius for both approaches — in his coaching, his writing about leadership, and his own life. This makes him an invaluable guide for leaders who want, or need, to improve their impact. On the insouciant side,

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How Failure Can Lead to Entrepreneurial Success

Having a back up is an essential aspect of business for the simple reason that life doesn’t always follow any well scripted plan. Said General Colin Powell: “In other words, don’t expect to always be great. Disappointments, failures and setbacks

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Dr. Phil – “A Relationship Should Be Between …”

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What The Innovative Leader Sees That Pseudo Leaders Won’t

  It is not uncommon to find leaders trapped by inertia. Those who escape the vacuum of “Good enough” did so by cannibalizing what got them there. They ruthless reinvented products and processes when they were profitable. What did this

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What’s Wrong With #Hr and How To Fix It

HR takes a beating. While I have an HR degree I assure you it is deservedly so. Essentially hr people while passionate are trained to think more like autocrats than business owners. In middle school there was always someone whose

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What If Everything You Know About HR and Leadership Was Wrong? Well It Is!!

  He is correct. Facing the hard truths that what you are doing is simply a matter of ineffective window dressing can be hard to swallow. Sure compliance is important. After all business does need the overhead of essentially hall monitors.

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To Leaders Who Want To Change Their Organizations But Can’t

Companies don’t change people. The more we enter a technological age where the pace of change increases exponentially the more important it becomes to remember the people attached to the organizational outcomes. The more a leader and manager become accustom to

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Innovation Is Not A Panacea: Why Nokia Failed and Why It Will Happen To You Too!

I remember my first consulting assignment with a Fortune 500 firm where the sales manager went around the room asking for each sales person sales forecasts for the month. After carefully writing all on the board he whispered to me,

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Why You Should Keep Away From Being Just “Good Enough”

I do a lot of reading, praying and observing people. I have come to a few conclusions I want to share. People look at politicians, celebrities, athletes on television and in magazines even friends on Facebook and they, “I could

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