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Managing People Is So Old Fashion; Lead Them

At the outset, I am a self confessed protagonist when it comes to leadership. Especially that banal aspect of managing people. Dogs are managed. People are like cats. They aren’t. In fact I suspect andy person capable or desiring management

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5 Business Strategy Questions Every Effective Leader Should Follow

By Freek Vermeulen If you can’t find time to think, it probably means that you haven’t organized your firm, unit, or team very well, and you are busy putting out little fires all the time. It also means that you are

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Are you assertive enough to be an entrepreneur? #business #management

The most successful leaders tend to find a good balance between being too assertive (and possibly aggressive) and being too nice.  Assertiveness forms the ability to  act in your own self  interest in the assignment of “No .” Assertiveness can

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5 Ways To Create a Workplace With More Engaged Employees

Regardless of position leaders managers continue making the same mistakes when it comes to developing an effective team. Like minded people create like minded  results. See Nokia Effect. Add diverse people in race, ethnicity, challenging opinions single, divorced etc. You

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How The Passion of Rookies Can Embolden Your Organization

  Hiring myriad types of employees as a vital aspect of diversity. It is also critical to an organization’s evolution of innovation. New employees are often passionate with new ideas until they have been employed for sometime under the peering

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Spreading The Human Connection Through Trust and Empathy in Health Care

Perhaps it would prove equally noble to have all of our performance stats placed online for review by anyone. Why stop at physicians? Dr. Thomas H. Lee, chief medical officer at Press Ganey Associates makes a number of salient points below.

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The 4 Most Important issues in HR

The turbulent marketplace demands organizations make innovation a way of life for everyone. The least expensive way of doing so is employee engagement. The ubiquitous term “Our employees are our greatest asset” becoming more than a time worn adage emblazoned

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3 Ways to Pitch Yourself in 30 Seconds

Having a picture perfect pitch or elevator speech at the ready should be the goal of everyone. Leaning over canapes or alternatively sharing a taxi lends an opportunity for any of us to be relevant. The next opportunity usually comes

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Managing Yourself To Be More Productive

Most executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs put a huge amount of time into their jobs. In a crisis it may be necessary to burn the midnight oil, but the ambitious have a tendency to stay late every night. This tendency arises

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Honestly, Do You Really Need Your Managers?

Treehouse the online education start up that teaches students programming languages has taken the fast evolving non traditional bottom up leadership approach by removing management.  The problems with bottom up leadership are mirrored below. Indecisiveness. The advantages increased productivity and

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