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Making Change Work: Effective #Leadership is looking Inward As Well As Outward

Lessons learned from Mark Sanborn, Michael McKinney and John Baldoni. Very few change initiatives actually succeed. A woefully heart wrenching thought considering organizations embrace some form of change on a daily basis. The change in and of itself is, forgive

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Why Leaders Can’t Lead

So much on leadership is regurgitated by talking heads. So little original thinking exist. What we call leadership is not even management. If you had a hidden camera, don’t do this, in the bosses office and his or her underlings

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Mark Sanborn on Why Your Employees Aren’t Following You

I only wish managers would see the first option to cutting back in an organization is leadership not front line workers. Organizations continue to feature bloated management ranks where reductions of even 50% wold not negatively impact production. So, to

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The Branding Ethos Of Richard Branson

With Virgin, Mr. Branson has displayed remarkable staying power that is made possible only by adhering to his own carefully honed set of business values. From the winter of 1969, when as a 19-year-old wunderkind he founded his first venture

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Five Factors In Identifying Future Leadership Talent

I asked executives in a webinar to address what factors they consider when they identify leadership talent—and what they look for when predicting the future success of leadership talent. Five factors rated highest in order of response frequency: 1. Strong

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