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20 inspirational teamwork quotes for the workplace

By Jim Woods President, Jim Woods Group  @leadersmatter Nothing  matters  so much to the value of a team than to add diversity of thought to the mix. Rabble rousers with placaters can create innovative ideas never generated by those who mistake

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How Do You Keep Clients When Your Star Performer Leaves

Published by Jim Woods President The InnoThink Group When a star performer leaves a host of problems ensures. For example the founder of a large management consulting firm began when a partner absconded with just a few prized clients when

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Tony Robbins Quote – “Trade Your Expectation to..

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What’s Wrong With #Hr and How To Fix It

HR takes a beating. While I have an HR degree I assure you it is deservedly so. Essentially hr people while passionate are trained to think more like autocrats than business owners. In middle school there was always someone whose

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Fish Rots From The Head: 5 Tips to Create an Engaged Workforce

“As far as engagement goes, the fish always rots from the head. People leaders need to be the catalyst to improving productivity and performance, but they can’t if their teams are not first engaged. Engage and motivate your people to

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Crush These 5 Things For More Success

Quit Saying Tomorrow – You know the saying, “Yesterday you said tomorrow?” Seriously, stop that! Delaying or procrastinating around something that you think is important means one of two things. You’re either scared to start because it means your life

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