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What You Can Do To Engage Employees

Remarkably, employee engagement has become a topic in business because, well it has become a topic in business. Rather than perpetuating the oft repeated mantra, “Our people are our greatest asset” companies react to engagement rather than act. Meaning, employee

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5 Business Strategy Questions Every Effective Leader Should Follow

By Freek Vermeulen If you can’t find time to think, it probably means that you haven’t organized your firm, unit, or team very well, and you are busy putting out little fires all the time. It also means that you are

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Are you assertive enough to be an entrepreneur? #business #management

The most successful leaders tend to find a good balance between being too assertive (and possibly aggressive) and being too nice.  Assertiveness forms the ability to  act in your own self  interest in the assignment of “No .” Assertiveness can

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5 Ways To Create a Workplace With More Engaged Employees

Regardless of position leaders managers continue making the same mistakes when it comes to developing an effective team. Like minded people create like minded  results. See Nokia Effect. Add diverse people in race, ethnicity, challenging opinions single, divorced etc. You

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Fly Or To Be Invisible. Which Superpower Would You Choose?

by Joe Folkman How much can you learn about someone from a silly question? Since last year we have been collecting data from the business and professional leaders who read our blogs. The question we asked was this, “If you

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How Effective Is Your Positive Organizational Culture?

“To make customers happy, we have to make sure our employees are happy first.” Zappos In Entrepreneur Magazine Richard Branson gives an excellent response  to a question on creating  business culture. He writes: Anyone who has followed the Virgin story

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How to Engage Employees and Remove Bureaucracy

What leads to employee and customer disengagement is a hierarchical management style that subvert creative thinking. The more top down the organization becomes the greater the risk of large, calamitous decisions. As decision become more important the ranks of those who challenge the

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Innovation In Business: The Real Reasons Most Companies Can’t Innovate

Innovation is an uneasy adventure. Like all adventures in fables there are always enormous risks with alternatively  enormous opportunity. Not all adventures turn out well. No, that is incorrect. They do. However, to see the adversity as a misstep instead

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26 Superb Ways To Reinvent Your Brand From Bad To Great

Why would a company concern themselves with branding? In this new rapid fire hypercompetitive age one has to stand out. Branding isn’t an intangible. Branding is personal. Selling the sizzle not the steak. An experience. Such as customer experience rather

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Making Customer Service A Brand Not a Promise

Customer service, if we are honest is seldom legendary. Long after customer service meetings and passionate chants nothing really changes. Recently our firm was desirous of transferring our hosting of our website to another firm. The new web company touted

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