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9 Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement and Strategy

    By John Stoker Here are a number of tactics that you might decide to adopt to reverse the feelings of negativity and help the folks to refocus their efforts during these times of unrelenting chaos. Change Your Perspective

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Prune To Improve Your Teams

Improving the quality of a team can be found in the diversity of the team. Implementing bottom up leadership can democratize teams where they truly self police by adding the right people on the team . . . and getting

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Why Vulnerable Leaders Build Trust

Building trust builds engagement. It is the honest exchange of communication. Think about the simple word, “Communication.” We have more meetings, technology and books to help us communicate better in the past 25 years than in any other time in

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The 1 Sentence That Turns Employees Into Customer Service Crazies

The way to set an example for successful teams is how you treat your employees. Please share. Before I earned my master’s degree in organizational development and human resources I ran a successful recruitment business. I can recall having met

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The Best Five Ways to Develop Your Team Ever

Ready To Unleash Your Employees Super Powers? Learn more. Go > Ready To Unleash Your Employees Super Powers? Jim is president of InnoThink Group and Leadership Matters.  He is a leader in workplace learning, productivity, performance, and leadership training solutions. For over

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6 Team Building Truths That Will Get Results

Building an effective team whether organizationally or conceptually requires leadership. The most important leadership is a self-directed team of leaders who values diverse points of view in innovating for maximum returns. I have never believed in teams where members are

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9 Ways Effective Managers Improve Team Performance

Rewards should go to those who are emboldened by problems. They revel in customer, employee and quality improvement problems as opportunities to grow competitive advantage. These effective employees behave like leaders who overturn traditional machismo management behavior, “Everything is okay”

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