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9 Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement and Strategy

    By John Stoker Here are a number of tactics that you might decide to adopt to reverse the feelings of negativity and help the folks to refocus their efforts during these times of unrelenting chaos. Change Your Perspective

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When your employees know they matter they will surprise you with solutions to turning things around.

When your employees know they matter they will surprise you with solutions to turning things around. Please share Leadership and excellence are aligned with principles of the inside out. When the authentic self accomplishes with service  rather than a stick. Need

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Tom Peters @ tom_peters on What’s Missing About #Management

Well, one answer to that, as far as I’m concerned, is “I don’t know.” My real bottom-line hypothesis is that nobody has a sweet clue what they’re doing. Therefore you better be trying stuff at an insanely rapid pace. You

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How to Innovate New Ideas – Innovation

You can innovate yourself out of business. Please share Peter Drucker said business is innovation. The ability to find new ways to do something. Technology isn’t the only way to innovate. It could be as simple as finding a new

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My Mother’s 10 Step Cheaters Guide To Mastering Your Time

My grandmother was a stickler for time. So was my mother. Don’t misunderstand I no longer reside with either. But their lessons resonate. Once when I was a senior in high school my mother had assigned a curfew for me

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3 Ways to Innovate Customer Service Despite Management

Peter Drucker said, “You have to manage for results, do the right thing right and make serving the customer the center of everything.” He was absolutely correct. If I may add one more. First and always pay the same homage to

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The Power Behind Purpose

“Go to the people: live with them, learn from them love them start with what they know build with what they have. But of the best leaders, when the job is done, the task accomplished, the people will say: “We have done it ourselves.” – Lao Tzu Purpose connects “positive” to

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Three Ways To Get Leaders To Work Together

The most effective leader work together. They don’t particularly care who receives the credit as long as the mission is achieved. Hence, with unbearable demands on them they heed the advice laced upon their subordinates. Together we accomplish more.  1.

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Ready For The Grim Reaper? Why The Problems At Best Buy Mirror Your Company

While the strategies below are pointedly Best Buy’s it would be wise to strategically assert these strategies to your firm. Best Buy badly needs a good dose of strategic innovation. Over the years I have noticed dominant companies continue to

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Why Leaders Wrongly Avoid Changing Culture

Peter Drucker reportedly said, “culture eats strategy over breakfast.”  There is no discounting this truism. Jack Welch noted the purchase of Kidder Peabody failed due to his thinking about the numbers instead of the culture. Where vision creates intent. Culture

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