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Three simple ways to ensure an excellent product

Organizations like MITRE, U.S. Army, Whirlpool, Standard Bank, and Iomega go to Jim Woods when they need a keynote speaker or workshop leader. See a partial list of Jim’s clients. Hire Jim Woods to Speak  | Follow us: Facebook | Follow us: Twitter | Skype ID – jim.woods79

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Diversity is More Than Race: A leadership Lesson On Making It Work

Share below. Divorced, married, single, wealthy, poor, walkers, drivers, bikers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Atheist, left handers and right handers, skinny, buffed, short tall, Dark, light, quiet, loud, rebellious, dissenters, straight “A” students and abberants they all have with the

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#Smallbiz – Richard Branson on Leadership Lessons from the Unflappable Steve Jobs |

Earlier this year, I experienced one of those fortunate coincidences that makes life interesting. Around the same time that I was starting to look forward to the release of Virgin Produced’s new film, “Jobs,” which depicts the Apple founder Steve

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