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What You Can Do To Engage Employees

Remarkably, employee engagement has become a topic in business because, well it has become a topic in business. Rather than perpetuating the oft repeated mantra, “Our people are our greatest asset” companies react to engagement rather than act. Meaning, employee

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Is The Revolving Door of Executives Fair To Employees?

Has it occurred to you the competitive advantage of setting the appropriate example to your employees has on your customers and recruitment, innovation in new products and services? Trust is more the by-product of management and executive behaviors than employee

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Tom Peters @tom_peters : How to Deal With The Insane Pace of Change

The question is how do you survive? One way to deal with the insane pace of change is by living to get smarter and to learn new things. Another way is by going up the value-added chain beyond the kinds

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Three Things You Can Do To Motivate Employees

To engage employees tap into the three M’s. Leaders at all levels can rethink how they define their strategy, jobs, and culture. Please share.  They can: Mastery: Help people develop deep skills. Stretch goals show faith that people can shape

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Lick This: 11 Reasons Why #HR and #Management Should Focus More On Design

How enticing are your ideas and products? What if you made them “so sexy you’d want to lick the monitor?” Everything is about design. Everything! Watch the video below.  Design should be part  of all of your projects and departments

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Why Your Employees Are Tone Deaf To Your Leadership

  This isn’t at all extreme. From my time as an employee, professor, elementary teacher and consultant I have seen this play out far too many times. It doesn’t matter what the directive is. Not only do employees think, “yada, yada,

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Tom Peters: To WOW customers, FIRST WOW those who WOW the customers! #leadership

Despite all the books on the subject of customer service and employee engagement it offends how hard gurus and mindless suits make the easy so darn hard. The most important customer for a leader to be concerned with endlessly is

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