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9 Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement and Strategy

    By John Stoker Here are a number of tactics that you might decide to adopt to reverse the feelings of negativity and help the folks to refocus their efforts during these times of unrelenting chaos. Change Your Perspective

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5 Business Strategy Questions Every Effective Leader Should Follow

By Freek Vermeulen If you can’t find time to think, it probably means that you haven’t organized your firm, unit, or team very well, and you are busy putting out little fires all the time. It also means that you are

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How To Improve Innovation Agility

In “Handbook for a Management Revolution” Tom Peters notes the importance of avoiding the mundane. Sage advice seeing how the mundane soon become the threshold. He cautions whether one is the C-Suite or a line managers do the things you

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Why Michael Porter and Business Gurus Long In The Tooth Fail – Strategy

Sustainable competitive advantage is a theoretical concept created by Porter replete with disastrous consequences under the theoretical assumption that business is a zero sum game. Business has been bombarded with financially successful academics whose concepts formulated in classrooms then implemented

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When your employees know they matter they will surprise you with solutions to turning things around.

When your employees know they matter they will surprise you with solutions to turning things around. Please share Leadership and excellence are aligned with principles of the inside out. When the authentic self accomplishes with service  rather than a stick. Need

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Tom Peters @ tom_peters on What’s Missing About #Management

Well, one answer to that, as far as I’m concerned, is “I don’t know.” My real bottom-line hypothesis is that nobody has a sweet clue what they’re doing. Therefore you better be trying stuff at an insanely rapid pace. You

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8 Words That Will Empower Your Employees to Deliver Excellence

What do you think?” What are the eight words that managers can use to engage employees? Tom Peters brilliantly said the eight words are: “What do you think?” And “How can I help?” Managers, please ask these questions daily. “The

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How To Overcome The Hurdles Impeding Your #Innovation Process #smb

Just imagine the implications of your building an organization of empowered employees with entrepreneurial zeal seeking out opportunities as opposed to dawdling in the malaise of protective silos. Just imagine if you don’t. “When you were made a leader you

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Tim Brown and Tom Peters On Strategy by Design

Strategy in most organizations is merely an exercise for continuing planning. To silent employees mindless minutia designed to perpetuate action. But … they know better. Execution and accountability are as elemental to strategy as nitrogen and oxygen to creating air.

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